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Are you looking For Gbwhatsapp Apk Latest Version ?. You are at right place, here you will get information about, download link of Gb Whatsapp Apk. Also, give you detailed information about How to Install Gb whatsapp on Your Android Devices. It will help to the users to get latest features and security. You can also, watch Video guide of Gb whatsapp Install. Read this below article, Get Complete features of Gbwhatsapp.

Gbwhatsapp Apk For Android

GBWhatsapp is one of the instant messaging App used by every smartphone user. It is user-friendly. One can share the text messages, images, videos and also documents. But the data is set to some limit. There is no need for any login. No security issues but have all privacy options. It is a modded version of Whatsapp is used by Millions of people on their mobile phones. Unlike official Whatsapp, using GBWhatsapp we can use two contact numbers in one single smartphone. It is one of the best option included in it. Users can check the extra features in comparison with the official website in our article.

All the Android users who are interested in seeing additional Features can download GBWhatsapp Apk. Its installation guide is provided clearly in step by step manner. One can check and install it on your handset. After installation download is also easier. GBWhatsapp Apk Download guide is also discussed briefly in our web portal. Users who are willing to download GBWhatsapp Apk can go on to our site and download it.

About Gbwhatsapp

Smartphones have now been a simple gadget used by everyone. Daily lot of mobiles with different specifications and features released into markets. Along with phones, a lot of apps are also a common thing. In the present generation, smartphones and mobile apps are commonly used by all. There is a bundle of Android Apps used by many users on their smartphones. Among them, Whatsapp is one of the great apps. Yahoo Ex-Employees found Whatsapp. They worked for few years in Yahoo. Later they want to make communication easier. So a couple of members dispatched from Yahoo. They worked on and founded Whatsapp.

Within a short period, Whatsapp used by 100 Million people all over the world. If a person buys a smartphone, there is a chance of 99% to download Whatsapp on their device. It has been that trendy to all age groups. It is easy to access and is free of cost. By using this app, we can make a call and chat with friends, family, and relatives. It provides not only Audio call but also Video calls. Whatsapp uses the only single number in one device. It is one of the drawbacks of the app. One can use two numbers on Whatsapp in a single device. It was done by a new app named GBWhatsapp.

GBWhatsapp 2020 For Android

GBWhatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp with most recent and new features. Features like hiding the last seen, blue tick marks and also new themes. It moves Whatsapp to advanced level and applies to both rooted and non-rooted device. Installation of GBWhatsapp is secure and is understandable to everyone. Besides this, there are lots of Whatsapp modified versions. It includes YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus and many more. But GB Whatsapp is widely used by many users because of its latest updates and new features. One can download GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version of the link provided.

Information about GBWhatsapp Apk is clearly discussed here. One who wants more information regarding this modded Whatsapp version can discuss in the comment section below. It is the latest version 6.65 and the size of the file is 3.1 MB. It is an apk file and is not available in Google Play Store. There are nearly about 99+ languages supports. GBWhatsapp Apk files run on all the Android mobiles from the version 4 onwards. The last update of GB Whatsapp is done on 28th November 2017. It often updates with latest features and also immediately fixes all the bugs if any. Here we have provided the detailed table regarding GB Whatsapp. One can check it out by visiting our site.

File Information

Application Name   GBWhatsapp
 Version  6.70
 Application Size  35.1 MB
 Roots Required  No Need
 Developer  Omar
 Operating System  Android 4.0+
 Users  5,000,000+

GBWhatsapp is the latest version of Whatsapp with new theme and features. It is better than the official Whatsapp. It has few customized options which are not found on official Whatsapp. Users who are showing interest to download GBWhatsapp can click on the link attached below. I hope installed users will love GBWhatsapp. This app is suited to Android 4.0 Version plus mobiles. But not below versions of Android. Other details and installation process discussed below.

Gbwhatsapp Apk Latest version 2020 Download

GBWhatsapp Apk link is provided in this article. Users can read the article which contains all the detailed information about GBWhatsapp can download it by clicking the link mentioned here. GBWhatsapp is becoming familiar day by day and its features are attracting all the smartphone users. One can enjoy it by downloading it for free. Usage is also easy and is also less complicated. GBWhatsapp Apk runs on both rooted and non-rooted device. It is planned in such a manner that, it should be easy to access and fast to use without any sign in.

Besides official Whatsapp, there are lot more modded versions. Few among them are GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, OGWhatsapp, and Whatsapp. Among them mostly used modded version is GBWhatsapp. This is so because using GBWhatsapp, one can maintain multiple Whatsapp accounts on the single device. It also has more extra features along with features in official Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp is an advanced Android App with latest cool features. Users can also use GBWhatsapp along with the official Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp Apk Features 

GBWhatsapp has extra features compared to official Whatsapp. To enjoy the new services, just download GBWhatsapp on your smartphone. Only after the completion of installation, one can enjoy all the features that added along with the characteristics of official Whatsapp. Now we are providing a list of some advanced features added in GBWhatsapp. These below-mentioned features based on a comparison between Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp, Check it out.

Inbuilt DND Feature – In GB Whatsapp, there is inbuilt DND feature that is we can disable the data connection only for Whatsapp.

Cancel Multiple Messages – We can receive and delete multiple messages at once.

Inbuilt Scheduler Message – Users can schedule Whatsapp messages to their requirement.

Privacy For Status – Users can keep their status privacy, that is they can hide it from others.

Hide Status And Chats – One can hide and save the status/chats and stories.

New Emoji’s – Updated version includes new smileys and more.

Video Limit – It is extended up to 50 MB.

Broadcasting – It has increased to 600 people.

Languages – GB Whatsapp supports more than 100 languages.

Images Limit – At a time user can send pictures up to 90. In Whatsapp, only ten images selected once. GB Whatsapp is nine times better compared to Whatsapp in this aspect.

App Lock – To maintain privacy for WhatsApp, one can set a password.

Bubble Patterns – Text bubble patterns are also changed in GB Whatsapp.

Installation of modified app GBWhatsapp is simple. Users after downloading GB Whatsapp Apk, follow the steps below. It will provide easy understanding to all. While using GB Whatsapp, there is no need for any rooting.

GBWhatsApp Privacy updates  (Latest Version)

Hide Online Status – hide the online status, it shows to everyone offline, Not Connected.

Blue Ticks Hide – You can hide blue ticks for Everyone like contacts groups also, even if you read the messages.

Hide Second Tick – Hide second tick for everyone, after delivered the message.

Writing Tick Hide – while typing a message, You can hide writing Tick.

Hide Recording Status – Hide recording voice, You can hide recording Status for contacts and group.

Blue Microphone Hide – Hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group.

Hide View Status – Hide status for contacts.

How To Download GBWhatsapp Apk 

1. First, users have to open Settings on their smartphone. Then click on security button and enable Unknown Source. Location of allowing unknown source differs from mobile to mobile.


  •  After that download and install GB Whatsapp Apk File.

Gb whatsapp APK

  • Then open the downloaded app and enter your mobile number.
  • It will ask confirmation of your mobile number with OTP (One Time Password).
  • Enter received OTP and submit.
  • Now GB Whatsapp is available on your device with latest features.

Steps To Install Whatsapp GB APK 2020

GBWhatsapp, the modded version of Whatsapp has a unique look with the different theme. It is one of the best-modified apps on comparison with all the Android Apps till now. Users who ones start using GBWhatsapp will enjoy it gracefully. It has customized features which makes user experiences better. Coming to user satisfaction, it is 99 percent the best app and this is known by GBWhatsapp team. Users gave a 5-star rating on using GBWhatsapp on their mobile devices. So satisfaction, experience and much more from user side are very high.

Once the user who gets into addiction with GB Whatsapp cant stop without using it. So users who are using official Whatsapp and wants to go with GB Whatsapp can install and download it on your mobile phone. The installation and download guide of GBWhatsapp is clearly discussed in our article. Kindly read it and download GB Whatsapp Apk on your smartphone with free of cost. The user has to make note that, it is not available to download from Google Play Store. So one has to download the GB Whatsapp Apk file from unknown sources.

GB Whatsapp is the latest and modified version of Whatsapp with additional and amazing features. It has the lot of million users using it and enjoying the app with more grace. Its extra features are boosting the app. Its installation and downloading is very simple and also faster. Installation and Downloading process are discussed here. Users who want to start GB Whatsapp on their Android device can check the above information and download it for free of cost.

GB Whatsapp infographic

GBWhatsapp is simply a Dual Whatsapp account used in the single mobile phone. Users who maintain two mobile numbers can use GB Whatsapp. On using this app, the user can also maintain two Whatsapp accounts. Using this modified app, one can also schedule messages, import photos, and videos to your loved ones without any connection. Data usage is also lesson using this GBWhatsapp. One can open two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously in one single mobile phone. There are also lot more privacy options included in GB Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp Users can send images up to 90. Where in Official we can only send 10 images at a time. Size of Video file is also increased in comparison with official Whatsapp. All the bugs in Whatsapp are fixed in this app. There are a lot of themes added in GBWhatsapp. The user can directly switch to Theme menu and select their theme according to their wish and click on apply button. All the options like Status, Calls, Themes, Emojis, tick marks, limit of Videos and Images and more are also improved. One who is having Smartphone has to definitely download GB Whatsapp Apk and enjoy its wonderful features.

GBWhatsapp Apk Infographic
GBWhatsapp Apk Infographic

GBwhatsapp Aka GBWA, Whatsapp GB

As discussed earlier in the article, Gb Whatsapp is one of the latest modded version of official Whatsapp. It is used by millions of people due to its attractive and amazing features. Now a days people are using dual sim on one mobile. They are now wishing to have Whatsapp accounts for each number. To maintain two whatsapp accounts in one mobile, user has to install and download Gb Whatsapp. It is the main feature added to the latest version. Gb Whatsapp is not available on google play store All the Android users who are willing to maintain two Whatsapp accounts on their single mobile phone has to Install Gb Whatsapp Apk on their Smartphones. To make easier we have now explaining on how to use Two Whatsapp Accounts on one phone. The usage and installation is clearly discussed here and kindly check it out.

GBWA is the trendy app used by all the Android users. Its installation, download process and usage is simple to use. Extra features are added up with official whatsapp. The latest version of Gb Whatsapp Apk is now available for free. All the users can download it from the link mentioned in the article. The app is updated regularly with more features. Its size and interface is user friendly and one can maintain with low risk. Gb Whatsapp is regarded as one of the best Android Apk used by everyone.

Here are the latest and new version features of GB Whatsapp. One can check it out and download the GB Whatsapp and enjoy it.

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